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Brian Short is the primary author of SteelHusker.com. He is also a home chef, homeowner, runner, amateur photographer, tech geek, video gamer, and football fan , and writes about all those topics.

Being a dad in the 21st century can be challenging. There is always someone or something that needs care, repair, or improvement.

Brian enjoys the challenge of learning new skills and repairing products and systems that are broken. If you read this site regularly, you will learn about many of his projects. All your sincere and on-topic feedback is welcome. Spam comments are deleted without prejudice.

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You can send Brian an email hidden [JavaScript is required], find him at @SteelHusker on twitter, SteelHusker on Facebook, and at . He reads all his messages and will make every effort to respond to all of them, but that’s not always possible. If you send something and don’t receive a reply, it’s not personal.