Endless Alphabet Review – A Fun Way For Children to Learn Words

Endless Alphabet is a cute and fun app that teaches spelling, words, letters, and letter sounds. I purchased it several months ago, and it is now one of my daughter’s favorite apps.

It’s simple to use, and there are not any detailed instructions to follow. Any child that can drag the cute monster letters across the screen should be able to play and learn. If your child is like mine, they want to use the iPad without help (and often can), so the simplicity here is a big win.

Endless Alphabet word selection screen

How it Works

The app begins with a selection of words to choose from, one for each letter of the alphabet. After selecting a word, it appears on the screen for a few seconds before a crew of monsters storm across the screen and knock the letters aside, leaving just a the grey shadows of the original word in their wake. The player must then drag the letters back where they belong.

This is where the action begins… While dragging, the letters wiggle and make the sounds of the letter being dragged. If the letter is placed correctly, it locks down. Place the wiggling letter in the wrong location and a sad, “wah-wah” sound indicates that the player should try again. The letters to not need to be placed on the word in the correct order.

Endless Alphabet monsters scrambling the letters of the word
When the word is completed, another cute and often humorous animation sequence is played reinforcing the word pronunciation and meaning.

One of the best features of Endless Alphabet is that it truly is endless. Every so often the developer replaces words with new words and those are downloaded to your device (at no additional cost) upon launch. For example, today the word for the letter U is “umbrella”. In the future the word for the letter U might be “unicycle”. (Obviously, that’s just an example as I don’t know when the words will change or what they might change to.)

Endless Alphabet humorous animation

Endless Alphabet is a great app for learning words and letter sounds. Kids love it, learn from it, and parents don’t need to feel as bad about allowing their child to have the screen time since there is a learning opportunity.

The app does require an internet connection to download new words. However, once the words are downloaded, the connection could be disabled and the game functions normally. I mention this because I know some parents my not want their child using an app with the internet tuned on.

I would recommend Endless Alphabet for any child ready to start learning about reading words. My daughter was just barely getting to that stage when she started, and this app is great for her. I expect that she will continue to learn from it for another year at least. For a few dollars, Endless Alphabet will provide nearly endless learning opportunities for several years of a child’s literary development. In my opinion, those few dollars are a great investment in my child’s early education.

Endless Alphabet was created by Originator and is available for download on the iTunes App Store.

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